Some oral surgeries may take a few days of recovery time, which is why Dr. Suadi at BR Dental Care provides post-op instructions for the day after a surgery. Call our dentists in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, if you have any questions about these instructions or are experiencing problems.

  1. On the morning of the day following surgery, rinse your mouth carefully with a solution composed of a 1/2 teaspoon of salt and a large glass of warm water. Repeat three times a day until remaining soreness subsides. Resume brushing any remaining teeth and continue your regular oral hygiene habits as soon as possible. Do not avoid brushing the area, as this will cause more inflammation. Please do not use a syringe or Water Pik to aggressively rinse during the first week. This can dislodge the blood clot.
  2. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT STITCHES. Stitches (also known as sutures) are usually placed to control bleeding, aid healing, and help prevent food from collecting in the surgical site, especially for lower teeth. The sutures we use dissolve in 3 to 5 days and DO NOT HAVE TO BE REMOVED.
  3. Applying a warm, moist towel to the affected side of the face several times a day can relieve ANY SWELLING, SORENESS, OR STIFFNESS IN THE JAW MUSCLES. Moist heat should be used after the first 24 hours. If swelling, tenderness, or pain should increase after the first few days, call the office.
  4. Sometimes a soft diet may be necessary for the first few days following surgery. Most patients are able to resume regular food intake within a short time.
  5. Bruising marks may appear on the skin of your face during the first few days after surgery. Again, moist heat application will help relieve this condition.

What are dry sockets?

Dry sockets continue to be the most common problem that people experience following dental surgery. They arise due to premature loss of a blood clot in the empty tooth socket and affect approximately one out of five patients. The condition seems to occur with greater frequency in people who smoke or are taking birth control pills. While both jaws can be affected, they usually occur in the lower jaw on the third to fifth day. They cause a deep, dull continuous aching on the affected side(s). Patients may first notice the pain starting in the ear and then radiating down towards the chin. It frequently begins in the middle of the night, and the Motrin medication usually doesn’t help. Treatment involves placing a medicated dressing in the “empty” tooth socket. This will help decrease the pain and protect the socket from food particles. The effectiveness in alleviating the pain lasts for 24-48 hours and usually will require dressing changes every day or two for five to seven days. Dressings are removed when you have been pain free for 2 -3 days. The dressing doesn’t aid in healing. The only reason to place a dressing is for pain control. If Motrin is controlling the pain, the socket will heal without dressing. An irrigation device will be given to you to help keep the food particles from lodging in the extraction site following removal of the dressing.

We appreciate your patience as we do our best to keep you comfortable during the healing process. If you need to contact us after office hours, call the office at 225-753-5885. We make every attempt to answer any emergency calls as promptly as possible. Occasionally, messages may not reach our phones. If you do not hear from the doctor within one hour, please call again. Thank you for understanding.