Patients who want implant-supported dentures or who have a low jaw bone density can visit Dr. Suadi for mini dental implants in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Our mini implant system uses the latest advancements for a minimally invasive procedure that requires less anesthesia and promotes a faster recovery in patients than the traditional implant system.

Dentures may lack full stability and reliability, leading to discomfort in chewing, speaking, and smiling. Mini implants for dentures provide a permanent solution to stabilizing dentures. Essentially, the procedure involves a dental implant system that will be placed in your gums to stabilize your dentures. The implant will act like the root of your tooth and as a retaining fixture that is incorporated into the base of your denture. This new stabilization will restore your dentures to full functionality and give you more confidence when you eat, speak, and smile. You won’t need to use adhesives or pastes.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of mini implants for dentures, please give us a call at BR Dental Care. Our dentists would be happy to inform you of the details of the procedure and to show you how it can help you have a more confident and functional dental prosthetic.