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How often do you visit your dentist? How often do you think about your oral health in relation to the foods you’re consuming? How often do you clean your teeth? Although these questions probably have varying answers, it’s important to treat them all with the same amount of care as they all equally play a key role in your oral health. If for any reason you have unhealthy habits or poor oral health choices relating to your cleaning techniques and your diet affecting your life, they will need to be changed and adjusted immediately.

Are you involved with any bad habits? Bad habits include smoking and chewing tobacco, using drugs, or other similar means of stress relief that are known hazards to your health. If so, eliminate them from your life as soon as possible as they are highly detrimental to all aspects of your life. They can have negative impacts not only on your physical health but your mental and oral health as well.

Exercise caution with your diet as much as possible. Although we often think about the risks of sugars, they’re also serious risk associated with starches as well. Products such as bread and cereal have been known to speed up plaque formation due to the fact that they can be converted into harmful acids in your mouth known for causing tooth enamel loss. Furthermore, make sure you clean out debris after eating and clean your tongue as well. People often forget to clean their tongue, but it can harbor bacteria and food residue.

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