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Dental stains can develop on the faces of your teeth when you frequently drink dark beverages or use tobacco products. If they aren’t removed in a reasonable amount of time the discolored material can start to saturate the microscopic textures on the surfaces of your tooth enamel.

Significant dental stains such as this can rarely be improved by retail strength tooth whitening products. In a scenario like this, you may want to have a dental bleaching treatment administered by a dentist like Dr. Carlos M. Suadi to effectively whiten your teeth.

After his professional tools and potent whitening agents have fully whitened your teeth you will want to take conscious steps to help maintain your newly whitened smile. It would certainly help to limit your enjoyment of dark-colored beverages or try to take them in through a straw.

Redeveloping surface stains that appear on your teeth might be removed by occasionally brushing whitening toothpaste. Just make sure that the brand has earned the American Dental Association’s approval. The ADA’s logo can only be printed on the packaging of a product has been tested and researched for safe and effective oral use.

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