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A dentist like Dr. Carlos M. Suadi will often turn to a dental crown or dental bridge to restore or replace a severely compromised tooth. These dental restorations typically occur in two distinct phases.

The first phase of treatment calls for preparing one or more dental abutments, by removing the tooth enamel layer from the teeth that will anchor the appropriate dental work in place. An impression will be prepared and sent to a professional dental lab. This will guide the dental technicians who create the dental crown or dental bridge.

Dr. Carlos M. Suadi will then protect the sensitive abutment by securing a temporary crown over it. This is essentially a hard plastic cap. It does not fully restore the tooth’s basic ability to bite or chew food. If it is damaged, loosened, or compromised in some way it could significantly complicate the treatment process.

You should continue to lightly brush a temporary crown twice each day and thoroughly floss at least once. This will help maintain healthy gums that will sit comfortably with the final dental work

If you have a problem with your temporary crown, you should contact BR Dental Care as soon as possible to have it addressed.

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