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Dentures are designed by talented dental professionals to enhance the function of your mouth and jaw by replacing any lost or weakened teeth. Dentures are meant to last for years and years, but they require proper care to stay healthy and free of stains. Dr. Carlos M. Suadi offers denture cleaning tips to help you keep your appliance in excellent shape.

If you have dentures, you may be using denture adhesive to secure your dentures and prevent food particles from coming between the denture appliance and gums. If, however, food particles do end up between your gums and dentures, we encourage you to remove your dentures and rinse away the particles and any lingering adhesive. You can then apply fresh denture adhesive to the clean surface of your dentures and pop them back into place.

When taking out your dentures at the end of the day, be sure to give them a thorough rinsing to remove the buildup of residual adhesive and plaque. Then, using a soft-bristled toothbrush and denture polish, gently but thoroughly brush your dentures before placing the appliance in water to soak overnight and storing it in a safe place.

While your new synthetic teeth are impervious to decay, you still need to brush your tongue twice a day to keep it clean. This reduces plaque buildup and lowers your risk of developing bad breath.

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