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Fluoride can do wonders for your teeth. This natural mineral can magically rebuild your tooth enamel, protecting them from cavities.

Fluoride can be acquired in two ways: systematically and topically. Systematic fluorides are swallowed. For example, many cities fluoridate their water. You can also take fluoride supplements, and various foods naturally contain fluoride. Topical fluorides consist of fluoride toothpaste, fluoride mouthwash and fluoride treatments at BR Dental Care.

If your or one of your family members’ smile is especially vulnerable to tooth decay, a professional fluoride can be an amazing weapon. Fluoride treatments can be conveniently carried out at the end of a dental checkup and normally takes just a few minutes. Afterwards, we will ask you not to rinse your mouth or eat or drink for at least half an hour so the fluoride can be easily absorbed and restore your tooth enamel without interruption.

A healthy dose of fluoride is more than harmless; it is immensely useful for the state of your smile. You can phone us in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at 225-753-5885 to get a fluoride treatment from Dr. Carlos M. Suadi and our amazing staff. You can get them every 3, 6 or 12 months, depending on the condition of your tooth enamel. We may also suggest other preventative measures if your risk of tooth decay is elevated, such as over the counter fluoride products. Call us today!