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What’s a great method to make your chompers look whiter? Putting on a brown tie! But seriously, numerous of our patients have asked us about professional teeth whitening. While we can help you learn about a few ways to improve the color of your pearly whites, we’d like to draw attention to the fact that averting certain foods and materials can help you keep your pearly whites white and shiny. Here are a few foods you should pay attention to.

Berries such as strawberries and blueberries have dark colors that can darken the look of your pearly whites. Ensure you brush your chompers after consuming these foods so they don’t stick to your chompers.

Red wine, coffee, and tea contain pigment-altering compounds which can drop the shades of your chompers a few positions on the brightness scale. Try drinking water alongside these drinks to combat their negative effects.

In addition to the cardiovascular issues they create, tar and nicotine found within tobacco can convert your teeth to shades of brown and yellow. Please think about cutting back on your tobacco use if you are a current user.

We’d love to tell you more about how to keep your chompers white during your next checkup to our Baton Rouge, Louisiana, office. If you haven’t scheduled your next visit, please phone us now at 225-753-5885 to schedule your visit with Dr. Carlos M. Suadi and the staff at BR Dental Care.