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Are your teeth injured or unsightly? Is a single section of a tooth wrecking your entire smile? If so, cosmetic dentistry can be of assistance. Cosmetic dentistry can enhance your smile by correcting mistakes, restoring lost teeth, protecting damaged teeth, and whitening your teeth. Depending on your desires, there is probably a cosmetic dentistry service that can satisfy you.

If you have broken, discolored, fractured, or damaged teeth that need serious restoration, there is likely a cosmetic dentistry procedure that can fix the tooth’s look and function. Teeth whiteners are used to eliminate discolorations and stains, whereas veneers and crowns are used to deliver an entirely new look of the tooth to the world. If you only need a small portion of the tooth repaired, dental bonding treatments can be used.

Permanent treatments such as dental implants and dental bridges can be used, as well as the removable tried and true joys that dentures can give. Dental implants are installed directly into the jawbone whereas dental bridges link onto other teeth nearby for a solid hold. With dentures, a bonding material is used to keep them in place attached to the gums until they must to be removed each night for storage and rinsing.

If you notice signs of poor oral health, fortunately, it can be treated. BR Dental Care remains committed to your oral health, and you are welcome to book an appointment with us by calling 225-753-5885. Stop by our dentist office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Dr. Carlos M. Suadi and our team will give you the treatment you need. We look forward to your visit.