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What are tooth-colored fillings? Unlike dental amalgam fillings which consist of a combination of metals held together by mercury, tooth-colored fillings are mercury-free and designed to repair cavities.

When plaque buildup begins to occur in your mouth, your risk for tooth decay and gum disease rises. When sugars are introduced to your mouth, the bacteria in plaque can convert them into harmful acids which erode away the tooth enamel. Over time, a hole forms in the tooth called a cavity. To prevent tooth loss, cavities must be repaired with dental fillings.

Tooth-colored fillings are dental fillings that can mimic the natural look of your teeth. They are made with materials that are safe, effective, and aesthetically beautiful. For some smaller cavities, dental amalgams cannot accurately fix them, but tooth-colored fillings such as dental composites can. Composite fillings are naturally designed to fit even microscopic cavities and keep your teeth safe for many years to come. If a composite should fail, unlike an amalgam it can be repaired and replaced without removing the original filling.

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