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Did you know that flossing is extremely important when caring for your oral health? Unfortunately, if you don’t floss your teeth thoroughly, food particles and plaque will stay on your teeth. Sadly, this might leave you more susceptible to issues such as cavities. However, if you’re dealing with flossing, there are several alternatives you may want to think about. For instance, did you know that water flossing might also help you keep your pearly whites healthy?

You see, waterpiks actually send a stream of focused water between your teeth, which can remove plaque and debris from your smile. Waterpiks usually come with several attachments, which should make using a waterpik even more pleasant. In fact, some people find cleaning their pearly whites with a waterpik more refreshing than using traditional floss.

Waterpiks are also very easy to use. In fact, all you need to do is point the pick between two of your teeth. You can generally finish with your waterpik in about a minute a day. You can also remove debris and plaque from your gum line with a waterpik more efficiently than you could when using traditional floss.

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