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One of the main complaints that people with dentures have about them is the lack of stability. This causes difficulty in eating and speaking, can be frustrating as well as embarrassing. At BR Dental Care, we think we have the solution. We can use mini dental implants to support and stabilize your dentures, giving you back your old, confident smile.

Dental implants are one of the greatest developments in modern dentistry. With them, all kinds of restorations can be securely supported for a lifetime. They offer the most natural-feeling replacements for teeth available.

But dental implants have had one major downside: they have traditionally required very healthy bone structure in the jaw, which has meant that many people are ineligible for implants. Whether from disease, the processes of aging, or just genetics, some people don’t have sufficient bone structure. Mini dental implants offer a way around all this.

Mini dental implants work the same as traditional implants, but thanks to advances in techniques and technology, they are much smaller. This means that not only is your procedure less invasive, but you can now receive dental implants if you have been unable to in the past. By using them to secure your dentures, you can eliminate the need for messy adhesives and get your normal life back.

If you have low bone density and want to anchor your dentures with dental implants, call BR Dental Care in Baton Rouge, LA, today to schedule a consultation.