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Your children’s oral health is vital to their dental well-being. Take some time to make sure they are receiving the best oral care that they deserve to protect their developing teeth and gums.

–When they are infants: baby teeth take a while to emerge, but it is recommended that they be cared for just as you will their permanent teeth. According to the American Dental Association, you can use a children’s soft-bristled toothbrush using a rice-grain sized dab of children’s fluoridated toothpaste. Occasionally make it a habit to check their teeth to make sure they are stain free (a sign of decay). If you do find evidence of decay, bring your child in to the dental office as soon as you can.

–When they are pre-schoolers: these little ones like to do things for themselves, and brushing their teeth is no exception. But they really don’t have the manual dexterity required to clean their mouths properly yet. You will want to help them brush and floss those chompers so they don’t decay. If it helps them feel happy, you might let them begin the brushing process and then you finish the job for them.

–When they are middle-schoolers: teach your middle-schoolers to brush their teeth twice a day, and floss once a day followed by a mouthwash rinse. At this stage in their development, you will not be able to control what they consume through the day. Pack a healthy lunch for them to eat when they are in school, and set a good example for them by making healthy food choices when they are with you.

–When they are teenagers: you may have noticed by now that your teenagers like to assert their independence and make their own choices. They do care about their image however, so that can help you as you encourage them to keep a beautiful smile by caring for their healthy teeth. The teen years are also optimal for wearing braces to correct crooked or misaligned teeth. Discuss this option with your dentist at your teen’s next dental cleaning.

Please call our office at 225-753-5885 if you have questions, or if it is time to schedule your child’s next dental cleaning. Your child’s dental health is as much a priority for us as it is for you, and we are here to help you every step of the way!